[Downtown Seattle at night] - Space Needle [Foggy mountain and lake] - North Cascades Scenic Byway, fog, forest, rainforest, Washington, river, lake [Scenic byway] - North Cascades Scenic Byway, fog, Washington, highway [Grass] - golden grass, idaho [Amanda in Gazebo] - portrait, gazebo, wide angle, flowers
[Flower parts] - closeup, macro, flower, dark background, red [Corey 2010] - senior picture, portrait, krug park, pond, water [Fall branch against sky] - Powell Gardens, Kansas City [Jamaican Schoolgirl] - [Snowy branch] - snow, tree branch
[Snowy sidewalk] - shoveled sidewalk, snow, covered, trees, black and white [Jamaican Schoolkids] - [Couple Self-portrait] - studio photography, portrait, self portrait, valentine's day [USF Palms] - [Dragonfly] - shaw park gardens, jamaica, dragonfly
[Mesh] - orange, blue, green, flowers, jamaica [Zombie interpretation] - zombie, portrait, ashen skin, desaturation, ghoul [Amanda] - portrait [Kermit's arc] - wine glass, bokeh, scratches, abstract [Orange ball] - orange flowers, tight ball, autumn
[Wallflower] - wall, flowers, pink, frosted [Our fallen brethren] - bell peppers, big bertha [Graffiti] - [Sunset power lines] - sky, tinted clouds [Blazing autumn] - fall foliage, backlit leaf, sun, sky background
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